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800 Greenwood St
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I began making guitars in 1966 in Dayton Ohio, where I worked out of my house. From 1968-1970 I lived in Mexico City, returning during the summers to build instruments at the Dayton location. 

During this time I was studying Anthropology and playing flamenco guitar professionally in various troupes in Mexico and around the U.S. In 1972 I moved to Chicago and worked briefly out of the back of a music store before moving to my present location in 1973. 

At that point I gave up any pretensions of being a professional guitarist and dedicated myself full time to lutherie.


My 800 Greenwood Street shop has undergone several renovations and changes over the years, the most recent being the 1995 massive renovation I did of the outside and inside of the building. 

As a result, my building is now climate controlled throughout the entire 4,000 square feet, and it has now acquired a nicer facade, with more interior showroom space than was previously available. 

Consequently, we are better able to serve those who prefer to visit the shop to select an instrument from our extensive inventory, which is housed in glass fronted rosewood cabinets. Being able to play many instruments side by side is very helpful in making a final selection, and we have full repair/restoration facilities on the premises for minor action adjustments to major restorations of valuable collector instruments.

1975 Hermanos Conde "Media Luna"

1975 Hermanos Conde (Spain), 660 mm scale, 50 mm nut, strings are spaced 43 mm on centers between 1st and 6th, action at the 12th fret is 4 mm on the bass and 3 mm on the treble side, strings are 8 mm above the top in front of the bridge.  Spruce top, Spanish cypress sides and back, orange tinted lacquer varnish, later ebony friction pegs, clear golpeador.  This is the famous “Media Luna” or half moon headstock model made in the Gravina 7 shop as played by the late Paco de Lucia, and just about every Spanish flamenco artist who uses fiberglass on their fingernails.  To say this model is iconic would be to slight the fame of these among flamenco players.  Made for the modern flamenco player with atomic technique, these have fairly robust tops and finishes intended to take a licking and keep on ticking as the famous watch ad used to say.  The sound is dry and uniform, easy to mike, (virtually all professionals now mike onstage), and the garish color looks terrific under modern stage lighting.  These are instruments intended to be played on stage, miked with intense stage lighting.  No cracks or repairs, there is considerable natural age checking of the lacquer varnish visible which in no way affects the musicality nor longevity of the instrument and the pegs are a later ebony set which was professionally fitted to violin standards with bushed peg holes and proper peg taper and reaming, so the pegs work great and are easy to use.  Our price is well below what some dealers offer these for.  $3,800