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Type: Classical
Maker: Jim Norris
Year: 1998
Nut Size: 52mm
Top Wood: Spruce
Side & Back Wood: Brazilian Rosewood
Price: $3000.00
Status: USED
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Made by the late Jim Norris who was one of the founding members of the Chicago Classical Guitar Society back in the late 1950¹s. Jim was a guitar student of Len Williams (father of John Williams) and was also a lifelong friend of John. He studied in the shop of Jose Ramirez II when he lived in Spain, and in homage, retained the head design of Ramirez on all his instruments. Later when John began playing Smallman guitars, Jim changed his style of construction to the Smallman pattern, of which this guitar was one of the last examples made by Jim prior to his death. Like the Smallmans, it is a heavy guitar with laminated side and back construction, and lattice braced top. It has unique tonal characteristics unlike traditional Spanish models, and the most common comment of players who have tried this guitar is that it reminds them of the way a nylon string guitar would sound if it had steel strings mounted on it. This guitar is VERY brilliant (hence, projects), and it has a very edgy bass, not at all round and soft like a Spanish instrument. A bluegrass player might say that it ³barks² but whatever the choice of descriptive adjectives, you can be sure this instrument is distinctive and not like all the rest. The prices of Smallman (and his Aussie compatriots) are beyond the budget of most players today, but at 3K this Norris is a very attractive price for a lattice braced instrument. If you like the Smallman sound, you¹ll like this guitar and love the price even more. Instead of the Smallman, you can buy this guitar and have enough left over to buy a late model used car, too. SN 233