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Type: Classical
Maker: R.E.Brune
Year: 1984
Nut Size: 50mm
Top Wood: Spruce
Side & Back Wood: Indian Rosewood
Price: $6000.00
Status: USED
Consignment #:
Made in the Brune workshop, this is one of a handful of guitars which were marked ≥Conservatory Model.≤ In essence, these were decoratively plainer versions of my Concert Model made with the motive to place a Brune in the hands of those who otherwise could not afford one. Built under my direct supervision by Kurt Bjorling who worked with me at that time (he has now gone on to a stellar career as a Klezmer musician, giving coaching to no less than Itzak Perlman), these Conservatory Models featured the same materials and internal design as my own Concert Models. Not to be confused with the Brune Model 20 and 30 which I later had made for me in Japan, these were actually made in my shop with my active participation, which is more than one can say about a Ramirez III 1a. Like my Concert Models of the era, this guitar is a very clear, even, balanced instrument, with great projection, color and range. It is capable of being played at even very low volume levels and still filling the concert hall. Easy to play, the set up is perfect, and with the current price of a Brune Concert Model being 8K with a 5 year wait, this guitar is the bargain of the century. There are several varnish nicks on the sound board which have darkened because the former owner liked to use guitar polish (which I never recommend) and the oils have darkened the sound board somewhat. This is strictly a cosmetic issue with no long term affect on the musical utility nor structural integrity of the instrument. SN 379