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I began making guitars in 1966 in Dayton Ohio, where I worked out of my house. From 1968-1970 I lived in Mexico City, returning during the summers to build instruments at the Dayton location. 

During this time I was studying Anthropology and playing flamenco guitar professionally in various troupes in Mexico and around the U.S. In 1972 I moved to Chicago and worked briefly out of the back of a music store before moving to my present location in 1973. 

At that point I gave up any pretensions of being a professional guitarist and dedicated myself full time to lutherie.


My 800 Greenwood Street shop has undergone several renovations and changes over the years, the most recent being the 1995 massive renovation I did of the outside and inside of the building. 

As a result, my building is now climate controlled throughout the entire 4,000 square feet, and it has now acquired a nicer facade, with more interior showroom space than was previously available. 

Consequently, we are better able to serve those who prefer to visit the shop to select an instrument from our extensive inventory, which is housed in glass fronted rosewood cabinets. Being able to play many instruments side by side is very helpful in making a final selection, and we have full repair/restoration facilities on the premises for minor action adjustments to major restorations of valuable collector instruments.

1970 Felix Manzanero

1970 Felix Manzanero (Spain), 657 mm scale 52 mm nut, cedar top, Spanish cypress sides and back, original varnish of sprayed catalyzed urethane varnish, original frets, nut and saddle, original clear golpeador, no cracks, no repairs, the only non original part are the tuning pegs which are modern planetary geared peg heads which were installed by the previous owner to replace the original rosewood friction pegs.  These mechanical pegs look exactly like friction pegs, but don’t require the skill of using friction pegs, you merely turn them to tune, no slipping, no catching, no problems.  Felix Manzanero was one of the 3 most important members of the José Ramírez workshop back when the shop decided to design the flagship 1a models for classical and flamenco players.  Along with the late Manuel Contreras and the late Paulino Bernabe, these three makers collectively were the ones primarily responsible for the design of the iconic top model Ramírez guitar.  I consider their instruments to be equally important in any collection, and of these three, the instruments of Felix Manzanero are the most difficult to find, he was the least prolific after he left the Ramírez shop, establishing his own shop in the early 1960’s.  Still active, Felix also maintains an amazing collection of rare old guitars in his shop.  This instrument is the finest example of his cypress flamencos I have played, it is crisp, explosive, throaty, and expressive, an effortless guitar to play and control.  You want raspy grit:  it can do it.  You want Sabicas’ lyrical sweetness: no problem.  In terms of tonal center it reminds me very much of the legendary Conde used by Niño Ricardo in his iconic recordings.  Now almost 50 years old, this instrument certainly refutes any false contention that “guitars have a limited life.”  It is every bit the equal to any of the great old blancas in my own personal collection and would be an outstanding instrument for the most demanding professional.  $5,000